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Awareness session for children about dealing with adults

نتخطى مع أطفالنا في جلسات الدعم النفسي ما يقلقهم ونحاول تعزيز ثقتهم بأنفسهم وروح العمل الجماعي مع أسرهم والأصدقاء من خلال التعرف على محيطهم الإجتماعي، ولا يكتمل يومنا إلا بعد رؤية ضحكاتهم على وجوههم أثناء الأنشطة.

Our teams are engaging with our children in Psychosocial support sessions to addressing their concerns, aiming to enhance their self-confidence and enhancing teamwork with their families and friends by getting to know their social surroundings. Our day is not complete until we see their laughter on their faces during activities.

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