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Cold Chain Data Manager – CCDM

Location: Turkey، Syria
Reports to:Cold Chain Manager(SIG)
Work Type: Full-time
Number of Vacancies: 1
Application Deadline: 06.02.2023

Cold Chain Consultant will support SIG in the implementation of eLMIS development projects (SMT, IGA and DHIS2) in coordination with MASAR, including the following activities:

  • Assess the maturity level of the existing LMIS and provide optimization recommendations.
  • Implement eLMIS software and hardware solutions from system setup, configuration, testing, phased deployment of eLMIS for the data management of vaccines, devices, and other immunization products information in the supply chain eLMIS which shall be inclusive of:
  1. Design and implementation of eLMIS pilot projects.
  2. Support the cold chain partners in the operationalization of eLMIS activities.

Design the user training and onboarding process, including curricula development and training strategy, super-user network, and ongoing mentoring and user feedback mechanisms.

Establish, staff and train an eLMIS systems administration and user support (help-desk and super-user) infrastructure and team.

Build capacity in the area of supply chain management, eLMIS deployment and use, and monitoring and evaluation of immunization supply chain.

Promote a culture of supply chain data use for operational and strategic decision making at all levels of the in-country supply chain.

Share knowledge and best practices on eLMIS and digital supply chain systems deployment and use.

Work closely with SIG cold chain manager towards effective monitoring, timely development of reports (quarterly, annual, ad-hoc, etc.) and analysis of results of supply chain to incorporate lessons learnt into recommendations for improvement to be implemented by partners.

Provide project management support: hold routine team meetings to review tasks, timeframes, priorities, challenges, etc.

Provide coaching, mentoring and support to supervisees.

Work with the cold chain partners to introduce bar-cording on the Stock Management Tool to reduce human error and improve data visibility.

Work with SIG management staff to determine and implement specific technical needs and priorities of the organization to ensure the success of the eLMIS project.

Application for job vacancies ends on Saturday 06.02.2023

To Apply via the following link: Click here

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