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Finance Senior Officer

Application Deadline: – 21.01.2024

Location: Gaziantep, Turkey
Work Type: Full-time
Number of Vacancies: 1
Application Deadline: 21.01.2024

Main responsibilities:
1.Review payroll and other payments and report any error to the H.O.F.
2.Reviewing exchange bills and payment requests and ensuring that the data is correct.
3.Ensure that all financial transactions are executed and recorded in accordance with Masar policies and procedures.
4.Preparing customized financial reports.
5.Preparing bank reconciliations for bank accounts and presenting them to the CFO for approval
6.Manage financial control, prepare and analyze budgets, develop financial reports, and make
recommendations to the organization on budget expenditures.
7.Ensure that the payment package is complete, accurate and has adequate approval as per the powers matrix
8.Ledger review and adjustments for petty cash
9.Preparing payroll receipts
10.Approval of payment orders for sellers
11.Checking the asset register to ensure that all assets are registered.
12.Preparing and recording cash receivable vouchers for all cash expenditures.
13.Monitor expenditures to ensure that program funds are used appropriately.
14.Record all operations on the accounting program(QuickBooks)
Qualifications and skills required:
1-Proven experience as Finance senior Officer or similar role for two years at least.
2-In-depth knowledge of corporate finance and accounting principles, laws and best practices
3-Solid knowledge of financial analysis and forecasting
4-Proficient in the use of MS Office and financial management software
5-An analytical mind with a strategic ability
6-Excellent organizational and leadership skills
7-Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities.

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