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Operation Manager 

Application Deadline : 11.08.2023

Location: Gaziantep, Turkey

Work Type: Full-time

Number of Vacancies: 1

Application Deadline: 11.08.2023


MASAR HD has an immediate vacancy for a senior position that will Coordinate and Calibrate Projects Cross-Department activities and streamline everyday tasks from proposal to completion. This is the position responsible for overall MASAR HD projects, activities and operational departments success and performance. engages with senior management to identify priorities and gaps; contributes to and ensures the smooth and compliant functioning of MASAR HD.


  1. Manage the following departments: Finance, Safety, and security, Administrative, Human Resources, Procurement, IT, Media, and logistics.
  2. Manage and develop all MASAR HDs policies and procedures.
  3. Manage proposal development and follow-up.
  4. Represent MASAR HD with donors.
  5. Manage Quality Assurance and Internal Audits.


  1. Oversee all support functions and support in set annual plans and strategies and set follow-up mechanisms to monitor execution.
  2. Review all proposal development, planning and budgeting, project execution, reporting, and completion.
  3. Manage Purchase Requestions flow processes, Purchase Orders flow process and approval process and transparency, Work with logistic management to lineup transportation and deliveries, warehouse receiving, and inventory control are carried out systematically and within risk tolerance.
  4. Maintain an on-going, transparent dialogue with the CD to ensure it is kept up to date with day-to-day activities and aware of exceptions that will impact the operations. Ensure that matters requiring the attention of the CD are communicated in a timely manner.
  5. Review Project main ledgers Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash ledgers and General Ledgers are balanced, supported by documents, and audit free, along with all bank transfers/ payments, and are in order and within budget and donor guidelines. Project recruit and release for each project the right resources secure fraud-free employees and Labor payments.
  6. Meet with the department managers or senior officers about optimization, shifting priorities and projects, and discuss inter-department issues.
  7. Identifying the potential problems and bottlenecks and finding solutions in order to maximize efficiency.
  8. Identifying opportunities to expand or shift course in order to take advantage of any changes that may occur.
  9. Ensure that all support departments promptly provide the information required by external audits, donors spot checks and local institutions requirements for financial statements.
  10. The risk assessments Safety, Security, integrity, Policy, and procedures.
  11. Develop MASAR HD Strategies / SWOT analysis and follow-up plans.
  12. Participate in formal or informal NGO security and analysis networks/forums in the area to share information with other NGOs, and gain access to security analyses.
  13. Any other tasks will be required from the direct line manager.


1.              Oversee and support continuous improvement of support services quality standards.

2.              Explore innovative solutions and think creatively to identify solutions that will maximize the impact on operations.

3.              Oversee the development, implementation, and management of key performance indicators (KPIs) within the area of concern.

4.              Ensure the appropriate systems and procedures are established and followed, ensuring best practices in operations management are developed and adopted with appropriate operations management frameworks in place.


1.              Together with the Country Director and Head of Programme, establish strong and efficient partnerships with organizations, donors, and authorities, in line with the country strategy.

2.              Represent MASAR HD in relevant coordination forums.

3.              Contribute to the definition of the country advocacy strategy and represent MASAR HD within national and international media and participate in community activities as appropriate.

4.              Upon delegation of authority, act as Country Director when needed.


Managing NGO Operations can present a challenge to even the most seasoned business professionals, as they present complex environments that require an unprecedented level of managerial skills. Therefore, you must have a deep understanding of the management challenges presented in this field.

1.                An undergraduate degree in a business-related field, Administration, humanitarian and developmental studies, any related field.

2.                Master’s degree in management is a plus.

3.                Minimum of 10 years practical experience including 2 years NGO experience

4.                Essential working experience of at least five years in related activities at Senior Management level.

5.                Solid analytical and problem-solving financial troubleshooting and audit experience.

6.                Flaunt in Arabic and English languages, Turkish language is definite plus.


1.                Familiar with the Syrian conflict, Syrian NGOs and stakeholders

2.                Experience with international non-governmental organizations or UN Agencies, Funds, and Programmes is desirable.

3.                Valid Turkish residency permits and ability to travel in the region.

4.                Professional experience in Project Cycle Management (PCM).

5.                Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate with and navigate different cultural contexts.

6.                Commitment to discretion and confidentiality.

7.                Ability to multitask, remain calm and patient, maintain a positive attitude, and pro-actively adapt to new situations and requirements.


1.              Microsoft office 365 is a must.

2.              Project Management is a must.

3.              Social media management is a plus.

4.              Strategic vision

5.              Leadership, people management and development

6.              Planning and organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines.

7.              Teamwork and cooperation

8.              Negotiation and networking skills

9.              Service orientation

10.       Behavioral flexibility

11.       Self-directed, resourceful, and creative

12.       Innovation and creativity

13.       Decision making and influence.

14.       Ability to manage time and to work autonomously.

15.       Communication skills written and oral.

16.       Financial management

17.       Commitment to MASAR HD principles.

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