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The network of social mobilizers

The network of social mobilizers at sub-districts has been trained and supported and IEC materials and other vaccination related materials were produced in NWS. The social Mobilizers supported the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.
With support from UNICEF and WHO, and in close coordination with the health Cluster and implementing partner, in April 2021 the Syrian Immunization Group (SIG) had introduced the COVID-19 vaccine in Northwest Syria, 93 vaccination teams have been established and are currently providing COVID-19 vaccination. There are 37, 678 individuals including health and social workers received COVID-19 vaccine.
Now when vaccination activities are ongoing, there are individuals / Communities who are refusing to get COVID-19 vaccines which is a major concern for the SIG technical committee. There are high rumors circulating among the caregivers of NWS and lack of knowledge about the benefit of COVID-19 vaccines being observed by the network of social mobilizers.

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