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YOL REHBERI INSAN HAKLARI DERNEGİ is an independent, humanitarian, development, and non-profit organization that aims to alleviate the suffering of people in war and disaster zones. YOL REHBERI INSAN HAKLARI DERNEGİ Organization began operations in 2015 as a non-discriminatory, Non-Profit Organization (NPO) officially in Turkey, focused solely on the well-being of the Syrian communities and satisfy their needs during hard times. The aim is to target general social rejuvenation in a variety of sectors.

YOL REHBERI INSAN HAKLARI DERNEGİ focuses its efforts on strengthening Syrian institutions, humanitarian activities and promoting community health, cultural awareness and general welfare.


Every individual has the right to reach their full potential and engage in and contribute to all parts of life. MASAR’s motive is to frame a future in Syria filled with hope, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty has been eradicated and everyone lives in dignity and security.


MASAR is an organization which works for the Change in Syria to help underprivileged individuals, groups, and communities to evolve, grow and integrate socially and physically.


Our efforts are aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty and social isolation and restoring hope for a better future. We think that everyone has the right to equal access to resources and opportunities in order to live and develop in dignity and to participate fully in society.

Our Impact on Society

YOL REHBERI INSAN HAKLARI DERNEGİ contributes significantly to the development of society, the improvement of communities, and the promotion of citizen engagement in the war zones.

Although YOL REHBERI INSAN HAKLARI DERNEGİ makes a small contribution to the economy’s GDP, their overall benefit to enhancing the human development index or social advancement index is undeniable.
Finally, through their tireless and altruistic efforts, YOL REHBERI INSAN HAKLARI DERNEGİ has successfully made a difference in the lives of the beneficiaries in Syria. Like:

  • YOL REHBERI INSAN HAKLARI DERNEGİ plays a significant role in the development of healthy communities by providing essential services that help to maintain economic stability and mobility.
  • Poverty is huge burden to be lifted by a community. MASAR working to alleviate poverty in the Syrian region.
  • MASAR devotedly working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children in Syria.
  • YOL REHBERI INSAN HAKLARI DERNEGİ provides immediate material and logistical help to disaster or crisis-stricken communities in the event of an emergency or crisis. Natural or man-made calamities could strike at any time. The goal of humanitarian help is to save lives in an emergency and to alleviate suffering in a specific person or community.
  • It is difficult for the poor to obtain quality healthcare and medical services. YOL REHBERI INSAN HAKLARI DERNEGİ provides low-cost, high-quality medical care to individuals who are in need. Set up health camps and mobile clinics in rural places to provide free medical examinations. This autumn, YOL REHBERI INSAN HAKLARI DERNEGİ began a COVID-19 vaccination campaign.
  • YOL REHBERI INSAN HAKLARI DERNEGİ is committed to the protection of human rights and the abolition of human rights violations.