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Why We Advocate

MASAR HD has become a leader in advocacy and engagement with decision-makers on both the national and international stage. MASAR HD effectively advocates increasing political will around taking action to end the Syrian crisis. Our advocacy ensures that instances of attacks on humanitarian facilities, challenges of communities under siege, and the heroic work of Syrian humanitarian workers reach policymakers, think tanks, the media, and the public. MASAR HD strives to echo and raise the voice of our colleagues on the ground who continue to risk their safety to alleviate suffering.

We advocate for:

1. Protection of services facilities, humanitarian workers, civilians, and civilian infrastructure

2. Ending the siege of over 1 million people in Syria and the provision of humanitarian access to trapped civilians

3. Increasing involvement of Syrian NGOs in decision-making and leadership capacities in the Whole of Syria response

4. Support for Syrian refugees and host communities.

How we advocate:

1. Meetings with the humanitarian coordinators, civil society leaders, and international agencies

2. Public awareness events

3. Reports and policy papers

4. Online campaigns and grassroots engagement

5. Engaging with partners and coalitions to amplify our voice