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Vaccine Cold Room

Project sectorNumber of beneficiariesProject Location
HealthNW Syria

The Donor

This project has been developed to address needs for COVID-19 vaccine safety and distribution through the strengthening of all elements of the cold chain system, including human resource management and training, upgrading and maintaining cold chain equipment and infrastructures, and supporting the use of existing systems to improve the availability of precise and accurate data on vaccine stocks, wastage, temperature excursions, available CCE capacity and functionality at all levels of the supply chain.

MASAR HD develops the tools to ensure monitoring supply distribution until the end-user, MASAR HD will take a responsibility for inventorying the stocks monthly which will include what are the supplies released from cold room and what are the balances in its cold room. MASAR HD will ensure optimal storage of vaccines and cold chain equipment.

MASAR HD has a role to make sustainable mechanism to safely store and distribute active vaccines to the accessible areas to ensure high immunization coverage in Northwest Syria and transportation of cold chain equipment inside Syria as well as the country at large

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