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Community integration between the host community and IDPs

Project SectorNumber of BeneficiariesProject Location
Civil SocietyIdleb

The community integration project between the displaced and residents in Saraqip City was implemented by MASAR HD, the idea assessed at MASAR HD to work on establishing a safe community environment based on rules regulating the affairs and lives of the displaced in the new communities that they have been displaced to. Through social studies and observations, it reported that the differences in habits, traditions, and cultures between Syrian communities when they met in one narrow place due to the circumstances of the ongoing crisis in Syria, have caused many differences, sensitivities, social and psychological problems because this gathering and displacement took place compulsorily or randomly due to the circumstances that was necessary to work on solving this problem that affects on social stability because of this period – The period of displacement – as a concept is unknown and may extend for several years. To limit the negative effects of this problem as much as possible. From this point, constructive cooperation was necessary between MASAR HD and other parties with the same vision and a similar orientation in developing and improving the social reality of the Syrian society. Therefore, this idea converts into a project proposal to solve these issues. It was necessary to set a general goal through which we seek to reach solutions.

To achieve these goals, it was necessary to implement activities with effective outputs and tangible results. Where it contributed to achieving the largest percentage of the general project objective by finding common ground and a safe community environment through the convergence of views between the host and the displaced community and improving ways for effective communication and breaking down barriers and obstacles through frank discussions and exchange of views that took place through frequent community meetings for men and women and highlight the rights of the displaced in the local government, and work to find coordination mechanisms to involve them in the decisions making by the local authorities regarding the displaced persons, by forming qualified trained community integration committees and delivering them to the local council and reaching an agreement on the future of cooperation in this regard.

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