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Empowering Women In Northwestern Syria Communities

Project SectorNumber of BeneficiariesProject Location
Civil society60IDLEB

MASAR for Humanitarian and Development always seeks (and through the activities of this project specifically) to create a proper perspective of women and empower them to realize their self-worth and develop skills to duplicate their capacity to influence and bring positive change in the community.
MASAR HD also seeks to spread the culture of peace, enhance the role of women in decision-making processes, and contribute to developing programs related to providing education and vocational training for women.
This project’s main objective is to create a healthy environment for the democratic participation of women and their participation in political work. To achieve this purpose, it needs dynamism and smoothness in dealing and away from stereotypes templates at work, understanding that the exchange of ideas and experiences is a necessary thing, but the most important thing is fitting the surrounding environment, and to write for our initiative the right life, the right birth, the healthy upbringing, and continuity in the coming years.
MASAR HD is focus on, particular on the mechanisms available to empower women and thus give them the sources of power to be an influential and effective, capable of influencing others with multiple options, for independent choose and protecting their individual an. interests. through these project activities that provide appropriate awareness and training targeting women and girls. By renting four centres in the “Idlib/ Ariha/ Saraqib/ Ram Hamdan” areas and equipping for all necessary works, starting with rehabilitation and maintenance, and providing laptops, furniture, and a projector for each centre,Also contracted with twenty community workers to there would be five workers in each centres and project coordinator to be responsible for managing the project implementation.As mentioned, a suitable place and environment secured to find a suitable base to political rehabilitation for one hundred women. This would be the core for a women’s union.

As a first step, activity has done to create a regulatory environment for participation women’s in the local governance, through negotiations and persuading the local council to establish an office for women in their councils of the four targeted locations “Idlib/ Ariha/ Saraqib/ Ram Hamdan”.
Focused discussion sessions took place directly with the local councils and community dignitaries and convinced them about the importance of allocating a special office for women within the local councils. In parallel, women began to rehabilitate politically and empower themselves by building the political and legal awareness of these women.

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