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Hala’s story

I’m a child, just like many other children, who suffers from a #disability. But believe me, the disability disappears when I find support and someone standing me. My determination today is no less than that of my friends, but the motivation and support I received from #MASAR_HD made me feel like I can do anything. 💙💪

We rarely hear about the successes of people with special needs, and they deserve to be highlighted and supported. “Hala” is a child from one of the towns in western Aleppo, who was afflicted by an undiagnosed illness that caused paralysis in her lower limbs. She was one of twenty-five participants in the ‘Back to School Marathon’ (BTS) organized for people with special needs in western #Aleppo‘s countryside. “Hala” excelled with her determination and perseverance, and she took first place.

“Hala” and many others with special needs dream of receiving psychological support and having someone stand by their side to overcome these challenges. Hala’s story always reminds us that overcoming challenges and difficulties is possible with strong will, despite all the obstacles and hardships.

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