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Spreading Awarenessabout Cholera Diseasein The Northwest Syria Camps

Spreading Awarenessabout Cholera Diseasein The Northwest Syria Camps

Project SectorNumber of BeneficiariesProject Location
Health & Nutrition1116NORTHWEST SYRIA CAMPS

According to the WHO, UNICEF, and WASH meeting on the 20th of September 1st case in Jarabulus was
confirmed on the 19th of September 2022. Severe dehydration is acute diarrhea are suspected cases. The
nearest areas to Jarabulus are High-Risk Areas including Jandairis.
According to OCHA’s report, the Syrian Ministry of Health (MoH) declared an outbreak of cholera in Aleppo
Governorate following 15 confirmed laboratory cases, including one death.
The surveillance data showed that a total of 936 severe acute watery diarrhea cases were reported in Syria
(72.2%, 676 cases), including at least eight deaths.

Based on this information, the main objective of MASAR HD was to raise community awareness and
conduct health mobilization activities about (the cholera outbreak) in northern Syria to prevent the
disease from increasing by

(Drinking water, and
daily need of bread
bundles) to the
most vulnerable
families in many
camps in Afrin and
On precautions to
prevent cholera, as we
trained them over a
period of four days on
what the disease is,
how to respond to it,
and the frequently
asked questions.
That includes (symptoms,
causes, and complications
related to the disease),
What are the prevention
measures for cholera
disease? What are the
common questions? and
the right home
interventions to be taken
in case of disease.
To raise awareness of
cholera and everything
related to it by providing all
necessary information
about cholera prevention
precautions and proper
behavior if the beneficiary
or a member of his family
suspects that he has
cholera, key messages
about symptoms of the
disease, and treatment
(Brochures, flyers, Poster)
for the campaign,
dissemination of these
messages through social
media and print and video
materials on MASAR HD
social media channels,
support dissemination of
key messages and
information through other
important channels such as
street banners and posters,
and social media
(WhatsApp, Facebook) and
local journalists for
advertising via social media

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