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Winterization challenges

The price of a standard food basket sufficient to feed a family of five individuals for one month has risen to about 98 US dollars (2,793 Turkish liras), an increase of 147 liras over last October, which consumes 67% of a day laborer’s salary for an entire month, after a rise in Inflation rates in the region reached 75.04% on an annual basis compared to last year.

The percentage of camps suffering from food insecurity has increased to 88.7%, 95.1% of them facing difficulties in securing bread.

The number of civilians in need of humanitarian assistance reached 4.4 million with an increase of 11% over the last year, and the percentage is expected to rise by 17.3% by the end of the current year, as a result of many variables, most notably changes in the exchange rate, the stability of food prices at high levels, and the increase in the prices of some other materials.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians are today seeking to reduce the number of daily meals and food quantities to obtain basic necessities, in a new step towards the abyss and increasing the gaps in funding the humanitarian response in Syria, where the number of families that reduced the number of basic meals reached 71.2%, while within the camps, this figure has risen to 93.8%.

There is a massive shortfall in humanitarian response operations without any announcement from the United Nations to fund winter response operations, which shows the expected catastrophic consequences for civilians in general and those displaced within camps in particular during the current winter season.

Concerns are growing among Syria response coordinators about the continued deficit in funding humanitarian operations in light of the difficult humanitarian conditions that civilians are suffering from in northwestern Syria. We also call on international agencies to make more efforts by providing the necessary support to the displaced within the camps.

We appeal to the humanitarian organizations operating in northern Syria to secure provide basic necessities for the displaced persons, especially with the onset of winter, and the complete inability of civilians to balance between providing heating supplies and ensuring food security.

Statistics of people in need in Syria 2023, source: HNO

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