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World Children’s Day

On World Children’s Day 💙, we celebrate the little souls that illuminate our world with the colors of innocence and hope 🌟. Every child is a piece of hope for tomorrow, carrying threads of joy and innocence in their dreams. Let’s exert our efforts to ensure a happy childhood for them, where learning and discovery 📚 are accessible, and they feel secure and protected at every step.

Joseph’s story

Many kids feel too shy to talk or interact with others, mainly because they’re scared of being made fun of or criticized. Sometimes, a scary or bad experience makes them feel even more afraid and shy.
Yusuf is 9 years old says :
“I used to be like other kids, not afraid or shy. But after a motorcycle accident, I got scared. I didn’t want my friends to laugh at me, so I didn’t play outside with them for a long time. Then, my mom took me to a place called the Protection Room at MASAR Organization. There, I saw kids having so much fun and nice teachers. They helped me forget about being shy by being very kind to me. Now, I play with new friends and draw with colors. I ask my mom to take me there every day.”

Ms. Ola, who works as protection employee at MASAR Health Center, shared:
“I saw a kid outside of our protection room, feeling shy and not coming to play like other kids. I asked gently why you don’t join us. He seemed scared, so I asked him to bring his mom. His mother told us about Youssef’s scary experiences – he saw his brother die because of a dangerous bomb in Afrin, and later he faced another incident on Eid day while his mother was preparing for the celebration. He had a motorcycle accident, the rider hit him and run away, leaving him on the ground.
At first, we start physical therapy, ignoring the psychological condition due to the child’s emotional turmoil resulting from his father’s separation from his mother. But after visiting the protection Room, he’s much happier and feels part of the group now. His mom was so happy to see him like that after a long time.
When kids are too shy, it’s often because lacks a sense of security, self-confidence, and the ability to establish good social relationships with others. However, after visiting the projection room at the MASAR Health Center, Yusuf is currently in a much better psychological state than before. In the projection room, part of the MASAR Health Center, we work on addressing similar cases through awareness and psychological support sessions, hoping to help those in need.

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